AlarmSecur Starts Testing its Products In India

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Alarmsecur a Smart Security Solution provider, owned and operated by Naark Holding B.V. who has been providing the services in various countries have not started testing their Products in India.

AlarmSecur started its operation in 2015 had launched the smart security solutions for home and commercial establishments with a low cost model promises to bring optimal solutions of security and protection much needed in the current scenario of market.

They have appointed their National Distributor M/s. Sudarshan Enterprise, who is engaged in trading of various electronics since 2011.

The Company will be launching as a sub - division dedicated to India Market only.

The Company CEO - Mr. Roderik Van Der Touw quoted " India being one of the largest democracy and a high performing economy, every individual needs security and protection for which we will be providing a well connected smart security system. He stated they want to create a safe place for eveyone"

The Company's EMEA Director quoted " Their idea to develop AlarmSecur was a demand created by need of realtime notification embed with visual verification to act on the security loopholes".

The company is planning to create a easy channel distribution for making their product reach the end users once the testing phase is finished and the product is ready for use.

" Fast and Well Secured" the company's liner will be a game changer in smart security solutions soon to emerge as a big market in the security industry.

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