About us

The concept

As mentioned our concept integrated with CCTV with any sensor triggered device (like an alarm system) and will send push notification to your phone 13 seconds video + 2 seconds before the sensor was triggered.

Within the mobile app we offer our customers to upgrade to our PREMIUM services (with recurring revenues) like a LIVE Video Monitoring Center which can take immediate action like sending a security guard or emergency services to your home, office or vehicle.


The solutions

The AlarmSecur.com concept currently has 4 major solutions:

  • Smart Home & Business Security, monitor and control your home or business from anywhere.
  • Mobile Security Solutions, integrating fleet management, IoT and AI with existing DVR (part must be developed as discussed).
  • Property Management Solutions, professionalize housing societies or individual apartments.
  • Professional Security Solutions, integrate CCTV networks and upgrade to real-time notifications.